Spinal Issues Attributing to Heel Pain and Physiotherapy as a Treatment

Heel pain can be caused due to a multitude of factors. Often the heel pain is localised and is caused due to shoes misfitting, overuse of feet, and so on. At other times, it is caused by underlying problems such as spinal issues. However, here we will focus on spinal issues often being the direct cause of heel pain.


Spinal issues attributing to heel pain include – cervical spondolysis, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, lumbar degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and herniated disc. They are generally a result of postural problems, muscle tightness / weakness, nutritional deficiencies and ageing.


Common symptoms of heel pain caused due to spinal problems include restricted ability to bring the foot up, foot heaviness and difficulty walking on tiptoes, difficulty in completing everyday functions such as walking and driving, and is usually accompanied by redness, tenderness, thickened skin, or swelling.


It is crucial that the particular reason for foot pain be precisely analysed by a properly prepared doctor. On the off chance that the foot pain might be caused by an issue in one’s lower back it is prudent to see a spine specialist for an entire analysis of potential lower back conditions that might cause the leg pain and foot pain. The diagnosis is done by examination of medical history, taking X-rays, etc.

Treatment: Physiotherapy

Heel pain often lands a patient in surgery and we at Eva Physiocare can prevent that. We are working on preventive care for heel pain caused due to spinal issues as well as non-spinal ones.

Physiotherapy is a non-intrusive treatment process, therapeutic in nature, and is shown to grant quick relief to patients. At the same time physiotherapy helps in preventing heel pain by curbing it before it takes a serious shape. Physiotherapists efficiently make manual assessment by way of clinical reasoning and without having to refer to any kind of imaging such as X-rays, etc. in order to diagnose the causes of the heel pain.

Physiotherapy treatment procedure focuses on biomechanical corrections through heel and foot exercises like stretching and strengthening exercise, etc., to ensure strength and flexibility. In this case the physiotherapist will not just focus on the heel pain but also on the underlying spinal problems that are attributing to it, thereby, treating the spinal issue by means of physiotherapy as well. Physiotherapy for the spine includes controlled, gradual and progressive exercises that induces the free movement of nutrients to the spine, and have healthier discs, muscles and ligaments.

The systematic treatment of physiotherapy allows the patient to avoid surgery altogether and it is considered a good thing by many given its intrusive nature, high costs and associated risks. Additionally, if the patient has to undergo or has already undergone surgery, physiotherapy helps in quick and effective rehabilitation, and enhancement flexibility and mobility.

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