School Wellness ProgrammeWe believe that students thrive in an environment that supports and engages in the nourishment of the mind and body. Through our School Wellness Programme, we aim to harmonize a student’s academic skills with physical and mental fitness, whilst focusing on their synchronized emotional and physical development, so that they can live a brighter and fulfilling life, and at the same time, reach their pinnacle of success in every aspect.

Our programme has yielded results such as reduced absenteeism, fewer classroom behaviour problems, improved academic performance, increased participation, etc. Such results are an outcome of our extensive wellness programme which engages the student and staff through psychological counselling, age specific wellness programmes, group seminars, workshops, in-house activities, newsletters, interactive sessions, meal menu, etc. Our programme is customized as per the specific needs of an organization.

Women Wellness Programme

Our Women Wellness Programme, is a three-month lifestyle programme that specifically focuses on problems and health issues faced by most women today. The programme targets positive lifestyle behaviours including exercise, nutrition, stress management and sleep through one-on-one assessments and consultations, keeping in mind the environment and psyche of each individual woman.

Unique health issues such as high cholesterol, hypertension, hyperthyroid, obesity, diabetes, fatigue, irritable bowel disease, menopause, osteoporosis, early joint and body pain, pre & post pregnancy health, PCOD and PCOS, etc. are addressed through the programme. The programme is tailored based on individual needs, helping each woman to improve fitness, manage weight, manage stress, set self-goals, understand pregnancy and menopause and give updates and advice on midlife or older age health issues.

Corporate Wellness Programme

Our Corporate Wellness Programme focuses on the optimal well-being of employees in a corporate organization. Employee performance depends upon the physical, mental, social & spiritual well-being of the employees. Today corporate bodies, mostly go for expensive tie-ups with health organizations to provide treatment plans for employees during sickness, but this does not ensure the overall performance of the employees.

Our programme helps to improve overall health & the well-being of an employee, enhance their physical and emotional ability to work, educate them regarding the true prevention of health issues and lead a disease free lifestyle and helps to decrease absenteeism due to health problems. These goals are achieved through group seminars, workshops, workout plans, interactive sessions, employee counselling, engagement in extracurricular activities, organising retreats, stress management programmes, etc.

Family Wellness Programme

Our Family Wellness Programme is designed to target parents and children, as well as a single individual from a family. Often busy parents do not find quality time for their children causing them to drift apart and develop social and anxiety disorders. Individuals of families which survive domestic violence every day struggle to blend in with their social and work life. Children of broken families often lose their way. Dealing with the loss of a family member is essential. Additionally, different ideologies and mentalities of adult family members create a troubled household, which in turn affects the younger members.

Our Family Wellness Programme seeks to help all such families by bringing them closer and helping them harmonizing with each other and the society, help provide all round attention to their children so as to enable full emotional and mental development. We organize individual family need based counselling programmes and interactive sessions to achieve the same.